Get Your Next Job Using Google AdWords?

Last Updated May 16, 2010 11:45 PM EDT

We love unusual job search stories -- whether it's someone who creates an interactive online resume or floats a hot air balloon in front of the company they want to work for. We recently ran across a real-world success story about someone who landed not one, but two job offers, by pulling a clever trick with Goodge AdWords. Total cost: $6.

Alec Brownstein tried an unusual job search tactic. Banking on the fact that people frequently Google themselves, he purchased the names of several creative directors from Google's AdWords. As you'd expect, there were no sponsored ads already attached to their names, and Brownstein locked in their names for 15 cents per click.

When Brownstein's targets Googled their own names, the saw sponsored links with a "hire me!" message. That resulted in interviews and even two job offers. Watch the short video:

Would this work again? I suppose that if you know exactly who you'd like to work for, and they spend some time Googling themselves on a regular basis, this tactic is fresh enough that you might have some luck.

Of course, as with any unusual job-search strategy, it has the potential to backfire and turn off your potential employer, so tread with care. [via AppScout]