Get Your Lost Phone Back with Contact Info on Your Wallpaper

You know how you lock your phone with a PIN or password to keep thieves out of your phone if it gets lost? Well, that same PIN will also keep a Good Samaritan from figuring out how to return your phone, as well. TUAW has a clever suggestion: Plaster your contact information on your phone's wallpaper.

If you have an iPhone, for example, you can enter your name and phone number on a Note, then take a screen shot (press the power and home buttons simultaneously) and make it your wallpaper image. If you have a Palm Pre or some other phone, you can do something similar.

The upside: You might get your phone back if you lose it.

The downside: It's a pretty ugly solution. I'm not sure I could look at a plain text "if found" message on my iPhone's startup screen every day for the rest of my life on the off chance I happen to lose my phone someday. A better option might be StuffBak, SendMeHome, or BlueRetriever, all designed to reunite you with your lost phone. [via Lifehacker]