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Get Your Existing Hardware To Work With Windows 7

How's your test drive of Windows 7 working out for you? I've found that one of the trickiest aspects of moving to a new version of Windows is hardware support. Windows 7 should run most of your existing Vista hardware just fine, but I've found that Windows 7 beta's list of bundled drivers is far shorter than Vista's. My HP LaserJet 1200, for example, wasn't in the Add New Printer list.

Actually, the solution was staring me right in the nose. On the Install the print driver dialog box, click the Windows Update button and Windows will automatically grab the driver for you online. It works great.

Speaking of hardware, Windows 7 has a new center for interacting with gadgets like printers, phones, and music players. Surprisingly, there are already a few dozen products that work with the Device Stage. To see if you already own something that will "light up" Device Stage, check out the Windows 7 Beta device list.