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Get Useful Business Advice from a Pro

If you run—or work for—a small business, you'll often find yourself wondering whether other folks have encountered the same issues you have. More importantly, you wonder how they've solved their problems. There are lots of places to look for answers, but sometimes it's nice to be able to have one successful person walk you through how he does it.

Luckily, Matthew Haughey, the guy who launched several small web businesses (including the group blog MetaFilter) has started doing just that. At his new blog Fortuitous, he's started taking readers through some basic business advice. In one of his first posts, for example, he points to one of his favorite new web apps, Google Browser Sync. It allows users to save web sessions from one computer to another, thus allowing you to pick up at your work computer right where you left off at your home computer the night before.