Get Unlimited Online Storage From Livedrive

Last Updated Dec 22, 2008 11:16 AM EST

livedrive.jpgStore all the files you want, and then some, with Livedrive, a new online-storage service that gives you unlimited space free of charge (for now).

That's pretty impressive considering that ADrive tops out at 50GB and Windows Live SkyDrive at 25GB. Livedrive lets you store and share files like those and other services, but also offers a Windows XP/Vista client that adds a virtual drive to your PC (a Mac version is coming soon). Thus, you can drag, drop, and access files with all the convenience of an external hard drive.

(The Livedrive company blog also talks at length about automated file synchronization, but that doesn't appear on the current feature list, so I'm guessing that's still in the works. Hope so, as I agree that it's the "future of online storage.")

While in beta, Livedrive accounts are free. The aforementioned blog is a bit vague on the subject, but apparently you'll be able to keep your free account even after the service goes live in early 2009 (at which time Livedrive will presumably start charging). That's actually a good thing, as I'd have a hard time trusting my files to a startup service that didn't charge. [via Lifehacker]

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