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Get Spooktacular Hair

Why should Halloween be all about the costume? Creepy, wacko Halloween hair styles pair perfectly with some of the scariest costumes out there. And often it can be pulled of as a great costume in and of itself.

If you've procrastinated and haven't bought a costume, you're in luck. The Early Show's makeover master David Evangelista has three hairstyles that will get you into Halloween mode without having to buy a costume.

Here are his suggestions:

The Afro
At every Halloween party, there's at least one person dressed in full '70s garb, but this hairstyle will beat any costume, hands down. (You can get away with wearing all black, or pairing it with a costume of pure '70s polyester — your pick!)

    What you need: To get this look, you'll need several hair pins, a spray bottle filled with water, and some stiff hair spray.

    How to do it: First, unbend several hair pins (at least 15). Separate the hair into 1/4-inch sections, and dampen hair by misting it with the water bottle. Working with one 1/4-inch section, twist the hair down to the root; place an unbent hair pin at the root; twist the sectioned hair around 1 leg of the hair pin; and close the hairpin around the section. Continue all around the head, until all hair is pinned. Let the hairpins sit in for 30 minutes; then unbend the hair pins, finger out the sections, and spray at the roots along the hair shaft with heavy duty hair spray. (For added disco babe flare, try some spray in glitter too.)

Bride Of Frankenstein
The Bride of Frankenstein is a classic Halloween character with hair from hell. This look can work with lots of different hair types and lengths, but it works best on shoulder-length hair. And, of course, to get a 'do so conical, the key is product, product, product.
    What you need: You'll need a crimping iron, heavy-duty hairspray, a teasing comb, bobby and hair pins, plus some white hair spray paint to get this look perfected.

    How to do it: To start, spray some hairspray all over your head before crimping. This will give hair more texture for the crimp to show up. Separate hair into 1/3-inch sections and crimp all over head. Then, take the crown of hair and build a base by teasing really well to the root. Spray with hairspray, then take remaining sections of hair, one by one, and tease lightly. Then spray with hairspray to attach to base, making a cone shape. To finish, take a white color spray and create a streak from temple up to top of cone.

    When you are back from your Halloween, you may want to use a moisturizing hair mask on your tresses after you rinse out all the hairspray to restore moisture lost during crimping/massive hair spraying.

Punk Rocker
If there's one thing to aspire to on Halloween, it's looking as frightening as possible. And this look is just that. It harkens back to the punk days of the early '80s, the time of blue Mohawks and 9-inch spikes forming a ridge down many a scalp.
    What you need: To pull off this look, you'll need a hard, strong holding gel, blow dryer, very strong hairspray and a comb.

    How to do it: First, section hair off into 3 parts: the top and 2 sides. Clip the top up on the top of the head, take the two sides and gel back heavily. Using a comb, slick back the two sides super tight; if hair is long, tie into a ponytail at the back. If it's short, just slick it and leave it down. Set blow dryer on hot and flatten the gelled-back hair with hot air. This will set and stiffen severely. Take the remaining top section of hair, and saturate with gel. Take 1/2 sections of the hair and spike up and, using your blow dryer, set each spike with hot air. Then spay the spikes as much as humanly possible. Finish the look with any other colored spray that you like.

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