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Get Rich Quick: True Tales of Overnight Millionaires - Dave Gehle - 4 of 4

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The Lottery Winner

  • Name: Dave Gehle
  • Age: 56
  • Location: Nebraska
  • Source of wealth: Together with seven of his co-workers at ConAgra Foods, Gehle won $365 million in the lottery in 2006. His share after taxes: about $15 million.

How did you get rich? I won the lottery!

What did you buy? A new snowblower and a new car; that's pretty much it. I still live in the same house I lived in before I won.

Smartest thing you spent it on? Travel. I went to Vietnam with another winner who was from Vietnam. He was being shot for a movie about lottery winners. I've also made some investments.

Dumbest thing you spent it on? To be honest — I haven't, really. I've been really careful. I guess I'm still kind of overwhelmed.

What are you doing now? I try to help out around town — I shovel snow for my neighbors and plow in the winters. For a while after I won I stayed at my job at ConAgra, but I finally quit.

Advice to others? Be really careful; be frugal. Don't blow it all. Invest. It's really tempting to spend it all. Don't.

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