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Get Over 150 Free PowerPoint Templates

Start attending some meetings, and it won't take long to feel like you've seen every PowerPoint template ever created. There's that blue background, and the white one, and there's that one that looks like it has some gears or something in it.

Honestly... Is there no way to visually spice up a PowerPoint deck?

Of course there is -- by adding some new templates. Microsoft has generously provided over 150 free PowerPoint templates you can download today.

The templates are divided into a half-dozen categories. There are some simple backgrounds, animated text effects, animated organizational charts, and more. Within each category, there's a page that gives you a complete preview of every template and effect before you download. You can even watch an animation that demonstrates the animated effects so you know what you're buying with your pocketful of free.

You probably won't want to use every single one of these templates -- some are kind of tacky -- but there's plenty here that's business appropriate and will lend your presentation a visual edge.

One extra bonus: The slide notes explain in detail how to tweak and recreate each of the animated effects in these templates, so it's not just free fodder, it's educational, too.

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