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Get noticed with a professional visual resume

Goofy stunts don't generally help you get hired. Hiring a skywriter, sending a cake with your resume written in frosting or singing at your interview are all shortcuts to the discard pile, not a job offer. (To be perfectly clear, I recently interviewed a candidate who actually sang me a song during the interview -- an interview for a writing position.)

But that doesn't mean that all unexpected approaches are off the table. For example, hiring managers genuinely appreciate resumes that illustrate details in the candidate's career visually. It's just easier to browse.

That's why you should know about ReVu, a website that takes your career details and displays them visually on the page. As the site says, it lets you tell the story of your job experience and history in a visually compelling manner. The most important part: It's not silly, goofy or schlocky. It looks great, and you can use it as a companion to your traditional resume.

Using ReVu is easy -- just create a free account and either start entering details of your job history, or link the site to your LinkedIn (LNKD) account and let it vacuum up all the information automatically.

You get a page that displays a timeline of your career with callouts for each key position, as well as any other details you care to include. There's a cool infographic, for example, that you can populate with data about key achievements from your career. There are other widgets for skills, job duties, and even languages and interests. You can include your education, work examples and more. There are several different themes to choose from, so your visual resume won't look exactly the same as others landing on a hiring manager's desk.

ReVu is similar to, another visual resume service that I wrote about last year, but ReVu is a bit more complete, with the ability to include a broader range of career details. That said, lets you make a T-shirt that displays your visual resume, and that's strangely appealing.