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Get More Screen Space by Hiding the Office 2007 Ribbon

One complaint I hear about the new Office 2007 ribbon is that it takes up too much real estate on the screen (screen estate, if you will). What you might not realize is that the ribbon is easy to hide, freeing up a big chunk of the screen.

When you hide the ribbon, the tabs are still visible, and clicking one will make the ribbon appear temporarily, so you can choose a command. Then it hides again until the next time it's needed. Want to try it out? Here are some ways to make the ribbon get out of your way -- just use the one you like the best:

  • Right-click on the ribbon and choose Minimize the Ribbon (this works almost anywhere on the ribbon, though there are certain buttons or menus that override this option with a different context menu)
  • Click the arrow to the right of the Quick Access toolbar and choose Minimize the Ribbon
  • Double click the currently selected tab.
To restore the ribbon for just one command, click a tab. To restore it permanently, repeat any of the commands listed above.