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Get Lucky at the Office

While St. Valentine's Day has come and gone, it is Spring and love is in the air. In the video above, Office Mate author, Stephanie Losee, explains why the office, traditionally considered off-limits for lovers, is actually the ideal place to find your potential soul mate.

Hey, the Mad Men era is over and that handsome advertising copy writer must already have been vetted by HR, right? Right?

Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist has also been reading Office Mate. She offers a handy guide of her own for office gals on the make:

  1. Flirt verbally rather than nonverbally -- Men, not being all that S-M-R-T, if you know what I mean, often don't get nonverbal cues. So speak your mind, ladies.
  2. If you know he's interested, play hard to get -- Yes, Penelope's a bit of a rules girl.
  3. Don't make the first move if you are not the same age -- For some reason, according to Penelope's research, the man tends to make the first move whether he is older or younger than the woman. But if guy and gal are the same age, it's 50-50. Go figure.
Happy hunting.