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Get Instant Notification of Travel Price Drops

It's travel time. Not only are many of us going somewhere for the holiday, but the winter months include the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. And many industries schedule their annual conferences and trade shows in the winter months, probably to break up the monotony of snow and cold. If you find yourself needing to book a flight, wait! I've got a desktop tool that might save you some money.

Travelocity is one of my favorite travel services, and they've recently introduced the Travelocity Desktop Application that will alert you to price drops for deals on trips you've saved. Just enter your departure and destination cities, and Travelocity will routinely check for better prices on airfare and hotels.

The app will also map the deal for you so you can see where hotels are in an unfamiliar city. The app is free, and runs on Adobe Air.

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