Get Instant Access to Multiple Gmail Accounts with Bookmarks

Last Updated Jan 17, 2011 10:24 PM EST

Most of us maintain at least two Gmail accounts -- one for business, one for personal -- but we want to be able to access both at once. Last fall, we told you how you could sign into two or more Gmail accounts at the same time, but even so, getting into them has been a bit clumsy. The folks at Lifehacker have discovered a way to bookmark your various Gmail accounts so you can open them, each in a different tab, with a single click.

It's actually pretty simple, First, make sure you've enabled Gmail's support for opening multiple accounts at once. Visit and turn on Multiple Sign-ins.

Next, open a Gmail account. You'll see that your account name at the top of the browser now has a drop-down. You can switch to other accounts or long in to another account rom here.

Here's the interesting part: The URL of each of your e-mail accounts is very similar, differentiated only by a number (1 is your primary account, 2 is your next account, and so on). Just bookmark each of these pages, or drag them to your Favorites bar, to get immediate access to them. It's simple, and it works!

Photo courtesy Flickr user gliuoo