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Get Great Travel Deals if You Have the Flexibility of an Accordion

Looking for a great travel deal? Aren't we all. Voyij is a new travel site that has some awesome deals for folks with flexible calendars.

Voyij only asks for your departure city and a general timeframe for when you plan to leave. Then it searches all the major travel sites for deals, and presents you a list you can browse or drill into in a variety of ways.

At first, it looks like Voyij offers little more than a palette of mystery trips, but there's a secondary screen on which you can refine your travel needs by specifying your destination, departure, and duration information. With each click, your travel options are reduced until you can see just the flights and hotels that apply to your travel needs.

Admittedly, Voyij is best suited for folks planning a vacation or weekend getaway, but it seems to me that the service is also handy for frugal business travelers who need to pa their own way, and can vary their travel time to suit the vagaries of the travel industry.

Oh, one other option -- If you need to book a flight, you might want to query Farecast, which tells you how much tickets cost now, and it predicts (with varying levels of accuracy) whether you should buy now or wait for fares to come down. [via Mashable]

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