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Get Free, Unlimited Online File Sharing and Storage

There will come a day in the near future when our children will (telepathically, while stroking their laser cats) laugh at the idea that we once fretted over how much online storage we had. Mark my words: The day is coming when storage will be so cheap and plentiful that everyone will have unlimited, free online storage.

That day is not yet here, though, so we content with Dropbox's 2GB limit (because it's otherwise so awesome) and SkyDrive's 25GB ceiling (because 25GB is actually quite a lot of space). But today I've got another alternative for you -- it's free, and it has no storage limits.

Go Aruna lets you store and share files online. And aside from a 100MB per file cap, there are no storage limits.

The site has some nice capabilities. If you're in a hurry, you can send a large file to someone without even creating a user account. Just enter an e-mail address, choose your file, and add an optional message. If you create a free user account, though, you can password protect files, set up public areas for people to share files with you, and more. There's even a history available so you have a record of files you've shared with others.

Go Aruna is nice -- I'll never complain about unlimited online storage -- but it's missing any sort of desktop integration like Dropbox offers. Until they address that shortcoming, this service will always be an alternative for when my Dropbox account is all filled up.