Get Free Remote Access and Screen-Sharing with TeamViewer

Last Updated Feb 11, 2011 5:44 PM EST

I love me a good screen-sharing tool, especially one that offers a remote-control option for remote tech support. (Doesn't matter if you're the helper or the helpee -- it's a million times easier than trying to troubleshoot over the phone.)

Free service TeamViewer lets you share desktops and connect to remote PCs. And the new 6.0 edition offers a host of new features and improvements.

TeamViewer is good for three things: hosting online meetings and presentations, remotely controlling someone else's computer (with their permission, of course), and remotely accessing your own computer when you're out of the office.

Version 6.0 adds QuickJoin, which makes it much faster and easier for people to join your hosted session. Even better, TeamViewer will now automatically reconnect a remote-controlled PC after it reboots. That's great if you're helping a client or co-worker fix a problem that requires restarting his or her system.

If all that's not good enough, there's also a free TeamViewer app for iOS -- meaning you can remotely control a PC on the run. How awesome is that!

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