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Get Facebook on Your Windows Mobile Phone

You know you do it. That's right, you steal a furtive peek at your Facebook page whenever you have a chance. Those smarmy iPhone drones have their own Facebook app and BlackBerry addicts have long had an app for accessing their Facebook profile, too. But now Windows Mobile folks can get on Facebook as well.

Facebook for Windows Mobile 6 is a pretty typical WinMo app; enormous buttons eat up a lot of real estate and there's little attempt to make the interface look much like the Web version of Facebook. Nonetheless, you can send messages (and place calls) to folks in your friends list, upload photos you took on your phone, and edit your profile.

And if you're interested in winning a Sprint Touch Pro, you might want to mosey over to Facebook, where leaving a review of the new WinMo app enters you in a drawing for the new phone. That's reason enough to try out the app all by itself.

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