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Get Consensus on an Important Business Decision: Lunch

In the business world, there's one question that's so controversial, so endlessly debatable, so downright maddening, it can upset the delicate balance of even the most professional offices: "Where shall we have lunch?"

Problem solved: Free service Lunchwalla helps groups figure out where to eat. It's pretty clever, and reminiscent of date-planning service WhichDateWorks: You make your picks from a list of local eateries, invite your office-mates to do likewise, and, presto, group consensus reached. See how it works in this quick video:

Cool, right? But I do have a couple bones to pick with Lunchwalla. For starters, you have to register with the service, though your invitees don't. (I'm a bit spoiled by the aforementioned WhichDateWorks, which requires no registration from anyone.)

Also, the interface, though attractive, is a little confusing. It took some doing to figure out how to specify my exact location and make it my default.

Still, I love the idea behind Lunchwalla, and think it could help restore harmony in offices that routinely wrangle with the lunch question. Also, although the service's name indicates it's all about lunch, you can actually use it to plan just about any kind of social gathering. It's definitely worth a look. [via Mashable]

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