Get Cash for Old Computers From HP

When I was a kid, recycling meant taking our old refrigerator and dumping it in a creek. On the way home, my dad would stop the car to kick a few goats for good measure. These days, we're more enlightened, and there are all sorts of ways to recycle your old electronics in a responsible way. The latest: HP will buy back your old computers, printers, cameras, and more.

To get a quote, enter the kind of gadget you want to trade in, specify the manufacturer and model number, and indicate the condition of the unit. You'll get an immediate response with the value of the device â€" that's the amount of the check that HP is willing to cut for you. It's not going to be a lot. An old Motion Computing Tablet PC in excellent condition fetched me just $109. But if it's only gathering dust anyway, this is a better deal than nothing.

Don't forget that Rick recently cataloged nine other ways to trade your old gadgets for cash, and I talked about Freecycle, a community-based online swap meet for your old office gear.