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Get a Stow-Away Keyboard for Your PDA

pda keyboardAs PDAs have gotten smarter and stronger, some road warriors have stopped taking laptops with them on short business trips. After all, you can stow PowerPoint presentations, surf the web, and edit documents on your PDA without having to deal with the bulkiness of a computer. Among the cons of going PDA-only, though, is the fact that their keyboards universally suck. Try editing a paper with your thumbs, and you'll soon find yourself going crazy--

So an easy upgrade is a fold-out big keyboard you can use with your Palm or Blackberry. (Sorry iPhone pholks, no such gadget seems to exist for you guys yet.) One that's just gotten a huge price break is the iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, which now costs just $30. (Before you buy one, though, make sure that it's compatible with your phone by checking the available drivers.) Your thumbs will thank you.

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