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Get a Free E-Book on Beating a Sales Slump

If you're in sales, you know better than anyone that there's a recession on. Consequently, the last couple years have probably left you confused, frustrated, and working nights at Jamba Juice to help make ends meet.

Having been in sales myself, I know that sometimes all it takes to break out of a slump is the right words of encouragement, the right changes to your approach, and/or the right tactics to add to your arsenal.

To that end, The Customer Collective and Oracle have put together a free e-book: Selling Through a Slump.

This 25-page PDF includes sales tips and advice from 11 pros covering various major sectors: health, law, media, manufacturing, and so on.

While much of the information presented here may seem familiar to anyone who's been in sales for a while, I like the way it's all presented with a beat-the-recession mindset. And, hey, it's free.

I think anyone even remotely involved in sales would do well to nab this helpful guide.

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