Get 50GB of free cloud storage from Box

Online storage company Box has an interesting offer for the next few weeks: Install its new app, and you’ll be upgraded to a massive 50GB of storage for free.

There’s a method to this madness -- Box really wants you to try the app. The new iOS app is impressive, with a simple interface and a powerful search tool that lets you find files from your mobile device and even do full-text searches within documents. Not only that, but you can bulk manage files by selecting several files at once and copying, moving or deleting them.

You can also perform actions on entire folders at once. And Box can recognize and display over 100 common file formats, so you can refer to almost any business document from your phone or tablet. All things considered, the new iOS apps are a dramatic improvement on the Box service and well worth having, regardless of any storage upgrades. (Sorry, there’s no Android option at this time.)

Box has evolved into a formidable cloud storage contender, and having 50GB available makes it a great adjunct to more popular services like Dropbox and SkyDrive. A desktop app keeps files in sync between your Box folder on the PC and the cloud, and you can manage your files from the Web, desktop or mobile device.

It’s not perfect, though. Box doesn’t let you selectively sync arbitrary folders on your hard drive, and the service sets up a location on your C drive as the Box sync folder, even if you redirect your data to a second hard drive. You have to follow a convoluted procedure (that includes uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app) to specify a different location to store your Box sync folder.

If you already have 50GB of free storage through a previous Box offer, sorry, rhis won’t help. Box says the offer is not cumulative. But if you don't have 50GB yet, what are you waiting for?

Image courtesy of Box