Get 3GB of Free Online Backup, File Synchronization, Sharing, Sausages

Last Updated Nov 16, 2009 12:01 AM EST

The cloud is the new floppy disk. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a cloud with the right mix of features, capacity, and price. I love the way DropBox integrates itself into Windows, for example, but you only get 2GB for free. SkyDrive gives you 25GB, but there's no desktop integration (aside from the nice-try-but-kinda-clumsy SkyDrive Explorer).

Now I've got a new option that has DropBox's integration, a little more capacity, and a few other conveniences as well.

MemoPal has released a free version of its cloud-based backup service. You can now take advantage of 3GB of MemoPal's online backup service at no charge.

That's great news, because you can specify watch folders, which MemoPal keeps continuously in sync with an online server. You can use it to literally back up critical data, or just to synchronize certain files with other PCs.

And because there's no file limit size (like SkyDrive imposes), you can use your MemoPal service as a way to share large files with co-workers. Just right-click a file in a MemoPal watched folder and share it -- you'll have the option to make it available for whatever period of time you specify (including forever).

If 3GB proves too small, you can upgrade to 200GB for $49/year. Personally, I'm thinking that I like MemoPal a lot -- it might even replace DropBox as my favorite way to share and sync files online. Anyone disagree with me? Sound off in the comments.