Geoffrey James Presents the "Gods of Sales"

maltese_falcon.JPGBNET's Sales Machine blogger, Geoffrey James, recently set out to find the country's best sales people. He had three criteria:
  1. They had to be real sales people (not sales management types)
  2. They had to sell directly to customers
  3. They had to be able show us something we could learn from
James found five top sellers to profile and he'll be posting one a day until the end of the business week. Today's top seller? Bruce Brakenhoff of Perini Navi USA, a broker of multi-million dollar yachts. Brakenhoff is currently brokering the Maltese Falcon, the 289-foot, cutting edge sailing yacht owned by venture capitalist Tom Perkins.

Visit Sales Machine each day this week to see more top sellers. And to see who the runners up were, click here.

(Image by Jack French via Flickr, CC. 2.0)