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Violence erupts in Gaza as Palestinians ratchet up protests

Violence and rage on Israel-Gaza border
Palestinians step up protests aimed at ending blockade of Gaza 01:44

GAZA STRIP -- Violence erupted again in Gaza on Friday as Palestinians ratcheted up protests aimed at ending a blockade of the Palestinian territory that is sandwiched between Israel and Egypt. At least one Palestinian was killed and more than 175 were wounded by Israeli fire.

It could be a prelude to a larger protest on Monday, when the U.S. relocates its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem -- a controversial move on the 70th anniversary of Israel's founding. Palestinians hope to one day establish their capital in the city.

People in Gaza have been holding protests for six weeks. CBS News' Holly Williams was there on Friday as Palestinian demonstrators threw rocks, burned tires and tried to pull down a fence that separates Gaza from Israel.

In response, Israeli soldiers have been firing tear gas canisters and some live ammunition. Over 40 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed over the last few weeks.

The protests will culminate next week, on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. The Palestinian protesters say they want the right to return to land that they left behind in 1948 when the state of Israel was founded. There are about 2 million Palestinians living in Gaza, and two thirds of them are either refugees or the descendants of refugees.

Israelis watch Gaza unrest wearily as more protests expected 01:03

On the Israeli border, Israelis are watching wearily, and are well aware of Hamas' plan to get supporters to try and storm the security fence and cross into Israel, CBS News' Seth Doane reports. Israel has cameras up in blimps and drones, and it has all the assets of a modern army. But they're in a bind. If it uses those assets, there could be more Palestinian deaths, and those images hand a potential propaganda victory to Hamas.

A protest against Hamas on Friday, CBS News met the mother of an Israeli soldier who was killed in a war with Hamas four years ago. His body was returned. She said she sees the people just across the border, in Gaza, as her "enemies." She also said she worried that civilians are being used as human shields.

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