Gaza ceasefire shatters, many Palestinians say keep fighting

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - It only took one minute for the calm of a three-day ceasefire in the Gaza conflict to be shattered by a barrage of Hamas rockets.

Israel-Hamas violence resumes after 3-day truce

Israel responded with artillery and air strikes. One hit near a mosque, killing a 10-year-old boy. Israel also withdrew its delegation from Cairo, saying it would not negotiate while rockets were still flying.

Hamas warned last night that it would not stop until key demands such as the lifting of the blockade on Gaza and the opening of all border crossings were met.

Many Palestinians, like Umaima Abu Al Kheir, who runs a kindergarten in Gaza, support the decision to keep fighting.

"As a human being, who wants to survive, who loves life, who wants to live with all the children in my life, of course I wanted the ceasefire to extend," Abu Al Kheir told CBS News.

"But at the same time... all this blood shedded for nothing? It can't be. If I want the ceasefire to extend, I want it to extend to get a result."

She added, "I am risking my life dear, every single moment of the day. Whether I want to or not."

  • Clarissa Ward
    Clarissa Ward

    Foreign Correspondent, CBS News