Gavin DeGraw adds some dance moves to his live show

Gavin DeGraw, 2012
Debra Rothenberg/PictureGroup
Gavin DeGraw, 2012
Debra Rothenberg/PictureGroup

(CBS News) When Gavin DeGraw hits the road on Friday, he will bring along a little something  extra: a few dance moves.

The 35-year-old music artist competed on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" this year, and tells the experience has influenced his live show.

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"I've noticed an evolution of my own stage performance after taking a couple dance lessons," he said, referring to his stint on the TV celebrity dance competition. "I'm not Michael Jackson up there. But it added an element of being conscious of what you're doing physically."

DeGraw is going out on a co-headlining tour with Colbie Caillat, the California singer-songwriter behind the 2007 hit "Bubbly."

The pair of musicians hatched their tour plans a couple of months ago while hanging out at Caillat's house, playing music.

"It kind of happened as beautifully and naturally as possible," DeGraw said.

They're even thinking about collaborating on stage together.

"It's always a possibility," DeGraw said of teaming up on the tour, which runs through the end of June. "Colbie and I have spoken, so if we have a minute to throw something together, then that could happen. We have some ideas."

As for DeGraw, he will play a mix of earlier material, along with tracks off his new album, "Sweeter," featuring the hit single, "Not Over You."

"There's always that balance," DeGraw explained about putting together a set list. "You want to make sure that you represent your new record and you want to demonstrate the things that you're into at this moment. I'll definitely be bringing that sex appeal from the new album to the show."

Speaking of sex appeal, DeGraw recently shot the video for the album's title track with Sports Illustrated model Genevieve Morton.

"The video itself I thought was really sexy, particularly because we got that beautiful Sports Illustrated model ... It definitely made for a more enjoyable video experience," he said.

Check it out below: