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"Game of Thrones" star takes a trip to "Silent Hill"

(CBS) Fans of the "Silent Hill" video game and film adaptation will have another chance to return to the mysterious town of mannequin monsters, killer nurses, and creepy children. "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D," the sequel to the 2006 box office hit, is coming to theaters just in time for Halloween.

British actor Kit Harrington, who stars as Jon Snow on the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones," was blunt about trying to avoid getting bummed out while filming this "Silent Hill" sequel.

"You have to have fun [when making a movie like this], otherwise you can get seriously depressed," he said during a recent interview with in New York. "On screen, you're constantly going through all these heavy emotions all the time."

Adelaide Clemens, who will co-star next year in Baz Luhrman's much anticipated adaptation of "The Great Gatsby," stars here as troubled ex-Silent Hill resident Heather.

Clemens said of her lead role, "She and her father...they've been living on the run for six years. You don't know exactly what they're running from. You have to watch the film to find out."

Based on one of the most successful video games series ever created, the first "Silent Hill" movie was a huge hit at the box office...but not with critics.

This sequel, which opens Oct. 26, is expected to follow suit.

Look for cameos from Malcolm MacDowell and Carrie-Ann Moss.

Watch our interview with Clemens and Harrington at the top of this story.