Gadget Lust: Power Outlet with USB Ports

Last Updated Dec 4, 2009 12:06 PM EST

So many devices charge via USB these days, it only makes sense to build USB ports right into electrical outlets. Don't you think?

I sure do! That's why I've already got my order in for this TruePower UCS Power Outlet with Built-in USB Ports. One look and I'll wager you'll want one too:

Yep, it's pretty much a standard dual-plug outlet -- with a decidedly non-standard pair of USB ports. Plug in your BlackBerry, your Bluetooth headset, your MP3 player, you name it. Anything that charges via USB should charge fine here.

Amazingly, this nifty gizmo is priced at just $9.95. Unfortunately, it's not scheduled to start shipping until early 2010. Eh, I've waited this long... [via Gizmodo]

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