Gadget Lust: Mini Microphone for iPod and iPod Touch

Various iPod models have the capacity to record audio, but lack a pivotal piece of hardware: a microphone. (Why, Apple? Why?)

Third-party developers to the rescue! The Mini Microphone adds audio-recording capabilities to the iPod Classic, iPod Nano 4G, and iPod Touch 2G.

It also works with the iPhone 3G, which, duh, already has a mike. But if you're looking for a little more sensitivity, the Mini Microphone promises to deliver.

Not much larger than a pencil eraser, the Mini plugs into your device's headphone jack. iPod Touch users should then be able to leverage any of the iPhone pocket-recorder apps Dave mentioned a while back.

iPod Classic and iPod Nano 4G users can leverage built-in recording software.

Best of all, the Mini Microphone costs just $14.99 (plus a reasonable $2.99 for shipping). Definitely a worthwhile accessory if you want to turn your iPod into a digital recorder. And trust me: You do. It's craaaazy-handy. [via Gizmodo]