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Gadget Lust: Flip Video UltraHD Good for Recording Presentations, Training Sessions, Office-Party Bribery Videos

I never really considered a pocket camcorder to be an essential business tool, but after reading David Coursey's Pure Digital's New Flip UltraHD, A Tool for Any Business, I'm starting to reconsider. Here's an excerpt:

Use the built-in software to post the video to YouTube and you can shoot a short video and get it posted very quickly. This makes it easy to share informal videos with employees, coworkers, customers, and the world at-large using YouTube, a company Web site, e-mail, or some combination of tools.

The built-in software he's referring to is a staple of the Flip line: When you plug the camcorder into a USB port, its onboard app fires up so you can quick-edit and quick-upload your videos. That's insanely convenient, as it lets you work from any PC.

The other point in favor of the Flip is its size: Unlike full-sized camcorders, it's small enough to tote around in your pocket (meaning it's perfect for travel as well as local shooting). Whenever something video-worthy happens, just pop it out and press Record.

Early-generation Flips recorded only YouTube-quality VGA video, but the UltraHD pumps the resolution to an impressive 1,280 by 720. That makes it suitable for viewing on HDTVs, which is the main reason the camcorder sports an HDMI output. It also means you're getting archival image quality for your corporate videos.

Of course, the UltraHD isn't the only device to offer these kinds of amenities: Check out CNET's roundup of the latest pocket HD camcorders. The key question is whether they've earned a place in business. What do you think?

For me, it's an unqualified yes: I used the Flip MinoHD (a smaller, pricier version of the UltraHD) to shoot the video for my recent Presto Linux post. It was faster, easier, and far more efficient than working with a traditional camcorder.

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