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Gadget Lust: Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Power inverters are awesome for folks who spend a lot of time in the car, but, frankly, they're kinda boring. Not so the Coffee Cup Power Inverter, which combines cup-holder sensibilities with Starbucks styling. (Just don't try to drink from it.)

I think the photo speaks for itself. The CCPI plugs into your cigarette lighter and provides two 120-volt AC outlets along with a powered USB port.

You could use it to power/recharge your laptop, phone, portable printer, microwave oven, or whatever.

(Hmm. What would happen if you plugged an actual coffee-maker into this? Some damage to the space-time continuum, I suspect. Physicists, discuss.)

The Coffee Cup Power Inverter is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99. That's less than most other inverters I've seen, and it's way cooler to boot. If I spent more than 10 minutes per week in my car (my BNET overlords rarely let me out of the basement), I'd grab one of these in a heartbeat. [via Gadget Lab]

One more product shot:

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