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From Office Space To Up In The Air: The 5 Funniest Office Films

Let's face it -- the daily grind can wear on even the most enthusiastic employee. The remedy? Laughter, which has never been more instantly accessible. I hope these 5 YouTube clips will help you get through whatever kind of rough day you're having:

The Film: Office Space (1999) Why I Love It: Who hasn't crossed paths with a soul-crushing boss like Lumbergh (and his pet project, the TPS reports)? This movie lets us laugh at bureaucratic lunacy.
In This Clip: Disgruntled employee Peter explains why he really, really needs a new job. Of course, he eventually robs the company instead of just finding a new position. Maybe things would have turned out differently if he read On The Job?

The Film: 9 to 5 (1980) Why I Love it: Lily Tomlin, Jan Fonda, and Dolly Parton joining forces against a sexist boss -- what's not to like?
In This Clip: This trailer is ripe with 80s references such as the 3 martini lunch, and will be familiar to any executive assistant.

The Film: Jerry Maguire (1996) Why I Love It: Need inspiration? Watch this burned out sports agent reinvent his career -- and himself -- and see if you don't get some ideas about your own situation.
In This Clip: Jerry asks his troublesome athlete client to "help me, help you." Besides being a great line, it portrays a familiar feeling, whether you're a lawyer, web designer, or anyone else who provides a service.

The Film: Clerks (1994) Why I Love It: Anyone who works in customer service or in an unfulfilling position of any sort can relate to this indie flick.
In This Clip: The off-beat humor portrayed in this Stars Wars small talk scene is one of the reasons this film attracted a cult following.

The Film: Up In The Air (2009) Why I Love It: Between the business travel, the downsizing theme, and the replacing of people with technology, this film addresses with humor and heart many of the issues this blog deals with regularly.
In This Clip: This trailer introduces Ryan Bingham's wry take on business travel, from the "sexy" pursuit of frequent flyer miles to the pseudo-relationship formed with airport employees.

What are your favorite office/work films that I've missed? Please sign in below and share.
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