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Free Tutoring for Your Teens

When I typed "tutor" into Google today, I got 30 million hits. That's a ridiculous number of tutoring leads to wade through if your teenager needs help composing an essay on Othello or is struggling with his trigonometry homework.

The search for tutors, however, is much easier now thanks to the trusty custodians of the Good Housekeeping seal. The staff at the woman's magazine scoured the Internet to find the best free online tutoring Websites for teenagers.

Here are some of the free tutoring sites that the magazine is enthusiastically recommending for teenagers:

Best General Subject Online Tutoring Sites:
Hippocampus: Good Housekeeping loves this site because it provides audio, video, written tutorials and interactive options on a variety of subjects. Covering 10 high school subjects, the magazine considers it a great site for teenagers. I might have been the only teenager in my high school who never used CliffsNotes and instead slogged through such yawners as Ethan Frome and The Red Badge of Courage. This site, however, serves as far more than a place to go for literature cheat sheets.

Best Math Tutoring Site: Good Housekeeping gave this site, which stands for interactive math, a perfect score. It's a wonderful resource for such high school math challenges as factoring, exponents, quadratic equations and vectors.

Best English Tutoring Site:
Owl.English.Purdue.Edu. Purdue University's Online Writing Lab assists middle-school to college students with grammar and tackling those dreaded essays.

Best Physics Tutoring Site:
Good Housekeeping gushed that this was the best Website it evaluated and marveled that it was the easiest to use. On this site, I suppose that it's the subject matter that's scary hard.

Physics problem image by The Eggplant. CC 2.0.

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