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Free Legally Binding Electronic Signatures with Drawloop

Everyone has their favorite online PDF converter. I recently reminded you about PDFVue, for example. But if you want to make PDFs and sign them electronically, you should check out Drawloop instead.

Drawloop converts pretty much any kind of file you throw at it into a PDF. It also can combine multiple files into a single, multi-page PDF, and -- here's the best part -- offers a free esign service as well. When you use esign, Drawloop sends your recipient an invitation to display the PDF in a browser window and adopt an electronic signature which they can drag into the document.

You don't even have to log into Drawloop to use most of the goodies, though a free account is required to use some of the more advanced features (like rearranging pages in a PDF). Amazingly, you can make multi-document PDFs and electronically sign them all without an account. Drawloop has become my favorite way to seal the deal on simple contracts and freelance agreements.