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Free iPhone App Provides Remote Access to Your PC or Mac

TeamViewer is a terrific free service that provides remote access to other PCs. TeamViewer for iPhone is a new app that extends that accessibility to the device riding around in your pocket.

This isn't just screen sharing: TeamViewer gives you total control over the remote PC. Think of it: You can grab a PowerPoint presentation from a thousand miles away; shut down the PC you left running at the office; or just perform a computing task that can't be done on a phone. Take a look:

After installing the app, you'll need to install TeamViewer 5 (Windows) or TeamViewer 4 (Mac) on whatever system(s) you want to control. Leave those systems running, then just log in when you need to.

The app provides full mouse control, a keyboard, a remote-reboot feature, and support for multi-touch gestures (for functions like dragging and dropping).

TeamViewer can also be used for "spontaneous support," much like perennial favorite CrossLoop (which, incidentally, is not available for iPhone): A user installs the desktop app, reads you an ID and password, then approves your temporary control of the PC. Now you can work your tech-support magic. Good stuff.

And free! It's hard to believe there's still no charge for the desktop app or its new mobile companion, especially when the virtually identical LogMeIn Ignition still costs $29.99.

Of course, TeamViewer isn't the only free-remote-access-app game in town. A couple months back we told you about NTRConnect, another free remote-access app. Always good to have choices.