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Frantic 911 Call: "My Wife Is Biting Me!"

Some people will go to fisticuffs to get their point across, and others will go to, well, handcuffs, reports WCBS In New York.

Such was the case for a Fairfield woman having marital problems who desperately wanted to talk to her husband after he apparently decided to leave her.

Helen Sun, 37, was arrested Tuesday after sneaking into Robert Drawbough's bedroom and handcuffing herself to him while he slept so they could talk.

Drawbough, frightened by his wife's antics, however, called police immediately and begged the dispatcher for help after his wife began biting and scratching him.

Eventually, Drawbough was able to pin his wife down and use a cell phone to call police. In his call to 911, Drawbough tries to explain to the dispatcher what his wife has done to him. He later starts screaming and cursing, saying his wife is biting him.

Listen To 911 Tape From Handcuffed Husband (WARNING: Offensive Language)

Here's the story.

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