Frank Sinatra's Kids Force His Corpse to Advertise Hotels, Wine and Casinos

The estate of Frank Sinatra has licensed the late singer's image and properties for a series of products, including the Dorchester Hotel chain and a Napa Valley wine. The ads are undignified and suggest that Sinatra's three children -- Frank Jr., Nancy and Tina -- somehow can't live off the royalties still streaming from Sinatra's records, movies, TV shows, books and DVDs.

In the Dorchester ad, the corpse of Ol' Blue Eyes is perched uncomfortably on the wooden arm of an antique chair. Juliette Lewis awkwardly rests her hand on his shoulder, no doubt perturbed at being surrounded by the zombies of Sinatra, Ray Charles and Maria Callas:

(Click to enlarge.) The ad says, "staying comes easy. Leaving, however is infinitely harder." Impossible, in fact, for Sinatra, whose family are forcing him to be there.

Brandfreak notes the Sinatra name is being used on a "Come Fly With Me" wine, and his image hawks the booze on its web site.

And the Encore Wynn casino in Las Vegas has a Sinatra Restaurant. Sinatra died, of course, before this casino was built.