Four Steps for Building Your Sales Pipeline

Last Updated Dec 17, 2009 11:12 AM EST

For many businesses, cost reduction has been a key focus over the last year, but with most of the big wins in the bag, growing profit is now dependent on building the top-line.

The performance of the sales force is increasingly a key success factor across many industries, not just in business-to-business, but in retail, hospitality and leisure as well.

How you go about improving sales performance is less a function of the size of the sales team, and more a function of the size of the customer base. A larger base requires more sophisticated systems and support to really capitalise on the potential of the team.

Here are the four generic steps to improving sales team performance and building that sales pipeline:

1. Chunk the process into key stages. 2. Set measures and targets. 3. Leverage customer information. 4 Build a culture of performance and learning