Four New Reasons to Try MyBrainshark for Online Presentations

Last Updated May 21, 2010 2:13 PM EDT

Remember MyBrainshark? It's a killer Web service for hosting, sharing, and even monetizing content. At its most basic, it lets you narrate and share PowerPoint presentations free of charge.

Now it's even better. myBrainshark now supports microphone-powered narration (previously you had to call in or upload an MP3 -- both of which you can still do), interactive polls, and more.

Unfortunately, the MyBrainshark video that shows off these and other new features (four in all) won't embed properly, which gives me a bit of pause. Most likely it's just a WordPress glitch, but I'd be a bit rankled if I spent a lot of time prepping a video to promote my business -- and then discovered I couldn't embed it on my site. Kind of like I am now.


I know MyBrainshark is popular among Business Hacks readers. Has anyone else encountered a problem embedding their videos?

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