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Fotografix: Carry a Tiny Photo Editor on Your USB Key

Do you ever find yourself in need of a photo editing program at Starbucks, but all you have is that lousy netbook Rick talked you into buying and a USB key full of tiny utilities? Sounds like you might want to add Fotografix to your USB key 'o apps -- it's a photo editor that takes up less than 800KB of space.

What do you get for 800KB of your previous USB key? Well, you get a free program --still in beta, natch -- that has most of the traditional tools. You can resize, crop, clone, add text, and adjust color and exposure. There's also support for layers and some special effects.

Sounds great, right? Well, keep in mind that all these features are pretty rudimentary. There's no way to adjust the brush size when cloning, for example, and don't expect to be able to select a crop-to-print size. Instead, you just draw an arbitrary crop selection box by eye. Bottom line? Fotografix might be handy to carry around, but only for times when you don't have internet access. Otherwise, I suggest you stick with online apps like Photoshop Express, Splashup, or Picnik.

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