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Forgotten Attachment Detector Does What It Claims, So Much More

Given the number of times I've told you about tools and tricks to avoid sending a message without its attachment, you might think me somewhat obsessive. But I've finally found the Holy Grail of attachment detectors for Outlook: Forgotten Attachment Detector is the ultimate tool for preventing embarrassing e-mail foibles.

Forgotten Attachment Detector plugs into Outlook and offers exactly what I've been looking for: Flexible settings that scan your e-mail for a variety of terms (like "find attached," "have attached," "see attached," and others) rather than one catch-all keyword like "attached." The program is preconfigured with a slew of smart attachment-related keywords, but you can add your own, allowing you to truly personalize the program to your particular e-mail style.

The program also checks what it calls "secondary keywords," like "attaching" and "enclosing." These secondary terms won't sound the alarm unless accompanied by a neighboring term like "doc" or "file." These terms, too, are fully configurable. Think it's all needlessly complicated for a utility that simply warns you about forgotten attachments? Not at all. This app elegantly avoids false positives, which would otherwise lead you to turn it off out of sheer annoyance.

And last but not least, Forgotten Attachment Detector also (optionally) warns you if you try to send the message with a blank subject line.

I've written before about avoiding blank subject lines and forgotten attachments, but I have to ask: Is Forgotten Attachment Detector married? Because I'm in love.

Maybe I need to get out more. [via Digital Inspiration]

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