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Forget "Flappy Bird," try these amazing new mobile games

If you’re stuck indoors, mobile games can keep you entertained
If you’re stuck indoors, mobile games can k... 01:26

A huge gap was created when the game "Flappy Bird" was pulled from Apple's App Store and Google Play. What in the world are you going to do with all those extra hours in the day now? We've rounded up some of the best new games to keep you occupied.

Filmmaker John Woo's "Bloodstroke" is a stylistic take on a classic run-and-gun action game. You play elite private security agent Mai Lee -- code named Lotus.

The mission is to protect her client in the mean streets of Hong Kong and Beijing. Use guns or grenades to fight against gangsters. If you get too close, running through the enemy will draw up melee weapons for an old-fashioned street fight.

The game looks like a graphic novel in black, white and red, and has an original soundtrack by Far East Movement. "Bloodstroke" is $2.99 at Apple’s App Store.

Ready to play the cutest game in the galaxy? "LEGO Star Wars: MicroFighters" is a vertical scrolling game that has a classic arcade feel, like Space Invaders or 1942.

First you choose from the light or dark side. The game has six iconic spaceships, including the Millennium Falcon or X-wing fighter. The force is strong in this one, but even the developer warns it uses a lot of memory.  The game is $.99 at Apple’s App Store.

One of the most addictive new games is "Threes." To play the game add ones and twos together to make threes. Keep adding pairs to get multiples of threes. The game ends when you run out of matches. Bet you didn’t think adding could be so fun. "Threes" costs $1.99 at Apple’s App Store.  

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