For Limited Time, Get iCare Data Recovery Software for Free

Last Updated Dec 13, 2010 12:17 AM EST

Data loss can happen in a number of ways. But whether you accidentally deleted a few documents or your hard drive decided to become unbootable, the results can be catastrophic. That's why you should have some sort of data recovery program handy in advance. Here's one you can get for free (but only for a limited time).

iCare Data Recovery Software is a hard disk recovery program that is designed to restore lost data in a wide variety of situations. It can help recover files that have been accidentally deleted, lost to a hard drive format, hardware failure, and the aftermath of a malware attack.

Now through December 25, you can get iCare for free (regular price is about $70). Be sure to download, install, and activate the program before the 25th. Once you do, iCare says the program will remain functional forever.

The site is home to program tutorials, so you might also want to investigate how to use the program before a crisis strikes.

This is a cool holiday gift from iCare. There are many file recovery apps out there for free, but this is the most full-featured, robust data recovery program I've ever seen given away for gratis.