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Following GlobalHue Campaign, Bermuda Tourism Numbers Are "Worst in 30 Years"

Globalhue's work for Bermuda Tourism has contributed to a "levelling off of business" with the lowest number of airport arrivals on the island in almost 30 years, the Royal Gazette reports. The dismal figures come after Globalhue was accused of wasting $1.8 million of the $14 million account.

To be fair, the recession was always likely to crimp tourism to the island. Nonetheless, the numbers don't help Globalhue's case that it's on the business because of its talent and not because Bermuda premier and tourism minister Ewart Brown is friends with Globalhue CEO Don Coleman (top and bottom, respectively). Brown said:

It is clear that this four-pronged focused approach, emanating from the 2009 Sales and Marketing plan, served to arrest the downward spiral and contributed to a satisfactory levelling off of business."
Among the stats reported by the RG:
  • Air arrivals in the second quarter of this year (74,979) were the lowest seen in almost 30 years.
  • The figure is the lowest since a modern recording system was introduced to the Department of Tourism in 1980
  • It's a 14.27 percent decline compared to the same period last year, when 87,445 tourists flew to the Island.
  • Cruise arrivals were down 3.7 percent for the period, with 124,552 people visiting.
  • Overall arrivals, which include yacht visitors, were down 7.98 percent.
Don't worry, Globalhue has a plan to fix it, Brown said:
And for the first time ever, the print ads are on billboards in key gateways such as New York at the Holland Tunnel and Boston near the airport where Dr. Brown said in excess of seven million people will see them daily.
I live near the Holland Tunnel. It better be an awesome billboard for me to take my eyes off the potholes that litter 495 like mines on the drag strip out to the Pulaski Skyway.
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