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Follow Top Business Executives with ExecTweets

Want to become a successful executive? Then you need to think like one. ExecTweets aggregates the Twitter feeds of top business executives, giving you a unique window into the minds of some of capitalism's finest.

So, who's tweeting? The site's roster of execs numbers close to 100 and includes folks from all walks of business: Richard Branson, Kevin Rose (Digg), Chris Barger (GM), Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Barb Iverson (Weber Shandwick), and the list goes on.

And what are they saying? You'll find kernels of business wisdom, of course, along with quotes (apparently execs are big into quoting), news items, links to stories of interest (to them), and so on.

Having perused just the tweets from this morning, I gotta say: This is good stuff! I came away feeling like Bud Fox hanging around a hundred Gordon Gekkos, soaking up priceless pearls of business acumen. ExecTweets is a must-visit site for anyone in sales or management, or trying to climb the rungs of the business ladder.

Twitter users can follow ExecTweets directly; the service will apply a "good stuff only" filter so you don't get slammed with dozens of tweets every day. Alternately, there's a new ExecTweets app for the iPhone [iTunes link] that lets you read, retweet, reply to, and share messages.

I'm going to hop out on a limb and say that ExecTweets ranks as one of the best business uses of Twitter I've ever seen. Agree? Disagree? Don't sit there quietly; share your thoughts in the comments!

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