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Five Funniest Media Stories: Special iPad Edition

OK, we've known ever since it was announced a few months ago, that Apple's iPad, in addition to being revolutionary, is a laff-riot. But, in this week's funniest media stories, we discover that it's even funnier in practice than it ever was in theory. So, here's a special iPad edition of the week's five funniest media stories (with additional cameos by Conan O'Brien and the gang from "South Park.")

1. Yes. It blends. 2. Doesn't fit in your chest pocket? Problem solved! It's the iPad-friendly vest!

3. When a 2.5-year-old tries out an iPad ... (Full disclosure: Turns out this is actually the daughter of a member of team BNET, Todd Lappin, but his video went viral long before I knew that!)

4. "South Park" takes on Facebook. Need I say more? No, I needn't.

5. And, finally, Slash shows he's with Coco (at right) ... on "The Tonight Show." (Weirdly , so is Lamar, the outdoor advertising company. It is rebroadcasting Conan O'Brien's tweets on its digital billboards for no other reason than that they like the guy ... and probably have some unsold ad space. Lamar has also started a Web site

Have a good weekend.

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