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Fitness Tips From One of the "Survivors"

Joel Klug may not have won the million dollars for the hit TV show Survivor contest, and he may not have won women's hearts, but he sure did look good. Klug is one of the former castaways from Survivor and he also happens to be a consultant for health clubs across the country. He talks to us about how to stay fit especially when travelling on the road.

I started out working in a health club, and spent time training people. Now I handle the financial aspect. Working at gyms for these years helped me stay in shape 250 days a year on the road in hotels. Even now, traveling for Survivor things, you still have to stay in shape, and going to a health club is not always ideal.

My job entails going to health clubs around the country and taking care of the financial side of the business - point of sale, everything as far as health clubs go. And even though I am in a health club every day, you'd think I have time to workout, but I don't because I am working.

First of all, diet is 50% of everything. When you're on the road, it is extremely hard to keep track of. It's so easy to grab something late at night because you don't have time, so I do a lot of supplement shakes, you can get them anywhere. Balance bars and meal replacement shakes. The reason they're so popular is because you can get them even at gas stations. Instead of grabbing chips and soda when you're driving, you should get a protein bar and water. And even the guys that I travel with fall into that trap, grabbing something quick. Then you try to get a little rest, and then you have to go out for a business dinner, but you end up eating a huge meal and then just going to bed. And that's the recipe for getting fat and out of shape. And business dinners are usually late at night. I try to have a meal replacement bar during the day, and just keep drinking water throughout the day. I drink at least two of the huge Evian bottles a day. You want to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. You should stay away from soda and the things that everyone is drinking, stick to water. You have to get used to it, but it's so easy, there's no excuse. You're not going to be a world class athlete living on the road. But when you're running through the airport and lifting your luggage, the better shape you're in physically, the easier it is to travel. Slim fast meal replacement shakes are good, balance bars, not so much protein bars, zone bars and super shakes from American body building products are also good.

Three simple things you can do anywhere, which are good for traveling: wall squats, which can be done leaning against the wall, and takes about 20 seconds. Just lean against the wall and lower yourself into a sitting position at 90 degrees. Hold it for 10 seconds and push on your heels and do as many as you can until you can't do it anymore. Try to do one more each day. Once you can do eight of them, try to hold it for 15 seconds instead of 10 econds.

Another easy exercise is the body weight pushup, which is a super slow pushup. It also takes about 20 seconds. You go down for 10 seconds, then push yourself up in two seconds and go down again in 10 seconds. Most people can only do about four of them, but work yourself up.

And the last simple exercise is a slow sit up movement. Sit up slowly, as far as you can, crunch your abdominal muscles, and go down again slow. If you can't go to a health club, you have to do something to keep your body active. In 10 minutes these exercises hit your legs, arms, and abs, and if you follow a good diet, you're doing good.

You should try to do these exercises daily, or at least Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Do them in the morning when you get up. Get up a little early and do 10 minutes of good strenuous exercise. You really have to push yourself. Do one right after another, no resting. This is when you don't have any other time, but most quality hotels today have health clubs in thm.

I could not exercise when I was on the Survivor island because I was too weak. All I could do was just the competitions. I was losing so much weight. I lost 22 pounds in 18 days. And a lot of it was muscle. I had a hard time working out after that because I was so weak.

I try to be careful about what I eat. Especially with this whole fitness thing and doing Survivor stuff, you try to be in good shape. It's great to do the exercises, but if you do them and then go eat like a pig, it's counterproductive.

Some diet tips for keeping yourself on track while traveling are: stay away from the bread before dinner. Most restaurants have steamed vegetables, which you can order as a side dish instead of mashed potatoes. It's a common sense thing, you know what you should be eating. You can look through the menu, stick with vegetables - especially late at night. And stay away from desserts like cheesecake, most restaurants have fruit for dessert. Get salad dressing on the side. Get a smaller entree, stick with fish or chicken, and if you request to keep it dry with no butter, they usually will do it. And you can ask for it softly so you won't make other people uncomfortable if they're ordering it. And then you can have a salad, a piece of chicken or fish for dinner, and fruit for dessert, and you've had a full meal.

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