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Fired For Cause? Ex Motorola CFO Liska Sues Handset Maker

This story was written by Dianne See Morrison.
As if Motorola (NYSE: MOT) didn't have enough problems. Now, it has to deal with a dispute with its former chief financial officer Paul Liska, who was dismissed from the troubled handset maker in late January. According to the, citing an undisclosed source, Liska has filed a wrongful termination suit against Motorola in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Ill. The suit was prompted by Motorola's filing with the SEC on Tuesday, which revealed that Liska had been "involuntarily terminated for cause" on Feb. 19. He was also asked to give back a $400,000 cash signing bonus. But this account differs from what Motorola has publicly said about Liska's departure, and what the former CFO said he had been told by his ex-employees. See the full story here on our sister site

By Dianne See Morrison