Finish Projects with Flair Using a Standard Checklist

Last Updated Sep 21, 2009 8:34 PM EDT

When you finish a project, do you toss it over the fence with a spirited "good riddance," or do you diligently ensure it meets your quality bar before you send it on its way with a dusting of angel tears and lilac? Have you even defined a quality bar?

I'm here to humbly suggest you could improve your output with a standard checklist that helps you measure and ensure quality.

Web Worker Daily, in fact, recently ran a story on the value of standard project checklists.

In the article, we are reminded that checklists have some key benefits, including a smoother workflow, enhanced objectivity, and better consistency across the work you do.

What does a good checklist look like? Here are some examples:

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Photo by bnhsu